Anyone Up For A Million Dollar Bottle Of Perfume?

DKNY Golden DeliciousBack in 2009 we blogged about a limited edition release of Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million for men which cost a mere £35 000. Well if you thought that was a bit over the top, how about the latest limited edition collectors bottle of Golden Delicious from DKNY. This will set you back a cool $1 million.

Fans of DKNY will be familiar with the brand’s apple inspired Be Delicious fragrances, Golden Delicious being the latest addition to the series, but what sets this particular limited edition apart is its 14-karat gold flacon adorned with 2900 precious stones from around the world.

And just in case you have a spare one million lying around and can’t wait to rush out and buy yourself a bottle, I’m afraid you’ll have to be patient. This is a one of a kind creation that will be exhibited around the world before a sucker (sorry, buyer) agrees to part with the necessary cash. It’s not all decadence and self-indulgence though – the asking price will be donated to Action Against Hunger so at least one man or woman’s folly will hopefully be Africa’s gain.


2011 Summer Scents

Summer 2011 FragrancesIt’s not just wishful thinking, the days really are getting longer so we can finally start thinking of Summer. To celebrate, here is a roundup of a few new perfume releases you can expect this Summer from Cacharel, Calvin Klein, Davidoff and DKNY.

Cacharel Amor Amor Summer
A new flanker to this ever popular fragrance, the latest fresh and fruity incarnation will include notes of blood orange, pomegranate, osmathus and amber. Available as a limited edition 50ml eau de toilette.

Calvin Klein CK One and Eternity Summer
Another bright and bold edition of CK One Summer (last year, CK One Summer 2010 was bright yellow and orange) is expected this March. As always, clean and refreshing citrus top notes combine with an ocean accord together with incense, cedar, musk and peach to capture the energetic vibe of after-sun dance parties. Available as a 100ml eau de toilette. Another regular from Calvin Klein each year is the release of his and hers Eternity Summer editions. Eternity Summer 2011 for women is meant to evoke memories of light, warm summer days in meadows of wild flowers with lily of the valley, violet, coriander, gardenia, jasmine and lotus combined with musk, mimosa and fig tree. The men’s version opens with fresh citrus notes, mint, coriander, water melon and ocean air together with star anise, galbanum, lily of the valey, cedar, patchouli and amber. Eternity Summer 2011 for women and men will be available as a 100ml eau de parfum and 100ml eau de toilette.

Davidoff Cool Water Summer Dive
Expect new flankers for both men and women this summer inspired, as the name suggests, by diving into the deep blue ocean. Cool Water Summer Dive Man opens with citrus notes combined with basil, sage, juniper berries and a fresh marine note. Available as a 125ml eau de toilette. Cool Water Summer Dive Woman opens with zesty fruits, pineapple and melon, combined with aquatic violet, lotus, iris and soft wood. Available as a 100ml eau de toilette.

DKNY Women Summer 2011
Pink, feminine and playful, this 100ml limited edition eau de toilette opens with pink grapefruit, passion fruit and red berries combined with jasmine, magnolia, litchi, musk , sandalwood and teak wood.

Tommy Girl Summer
Inspired by freshly picked flowers on a warm summer’s morn, this 100ml limited edition eau de toilette is calm and sophisticated combining fresh aquatic notes with magnolia.

Via: Fragrantica,

New Year Perfume Releases

New releasesIt looks like perfume lovers are going to be spoilt for choice this year as we hear news of a veritable flood of new fragrances. To wet your appetite, here’s a selection of new releases you can expect to see over the next two months from Burberry, DKNY, Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder.

First up are two new additions to DKNY’s Be Delicious range. Be Delicious Juiced is a fruity floral with ripe apples (of course), pear blossom and golden mango nectar complemented by peony and violet florals with a woody, amber drydown. Perfect for spring is a ‘Juiced’ version of Be Delicious Fresh Blossom – light and fresh with a medley of florals (freesias, rose petals, lily of the valley and sweet pea) and a base of vetiver and musk.

Next , a limited edition release from Estee Lauder, Wild Elixir, a sophisticated floral with notes of marigold, freesia, violet leaf, gardenia, muguet, jasmine, waterlily, genet flower and orris with a drydown of soft woods and musk.

A flanker to Elizabeth Arden’s 2009 release, Pretty, will be Pretty Hot, a bold and seductive take on the original and inspired by the Belle de Nuit Flower. Other notes will include red currant, blood orange, mandarin, freesia, apple, peony, pimento blossom, Petalia, amber, patchouli, tonka, sandalwood and Cosmone, a synthetic musk.

Finally, a his and hers duo in the form of Burberry Sport Ice, flankers to last year’s release, Burberry Sport. Notes of ginger, citrus, woods and musk (plus magnolia and honeysuckle in the ladies version) are complemented by “ice crystals” which I imagine are less of a smell and more of a sensation.

I can’t wait to get testing in my local Boots.

Can You Name 5 Fragrances Containing Rum?

Bacardi RumAt this time of year it seems like we need little excuse to put rum into everything from Christmas cake to custard. So to keep in the ‘spirit’ of things (did you get that?) here’s a list of 5 fragrances that contain rum.

Lacoste Pour Homme
Elegant, fresh and a little bit dark, Lacote Pour Homme is a fragrance based around the mysterious scent of Dark Rum. A winning dash of fruitiness is added to the mix with Apple and Plum.

SJP NYC for Her
A stylish scent mixed like a cocktail. Addictive, fruity and colourful notes of Wild Strawberries, Bergamot Rose Damascena and Vanillary Rum celebrate the never-ending vivacity of the Big Apple.

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP for Her
A heady blend of unique notes to celebrate the talent of New York’s young creatives. Includes Rum, Passion Fruit, Gardenia and Vanilla to evoke their attitude, their originality and their style.

DKNY Red Delicious for Men
A tantalising and exotic mix of the fruitiest of aromas. Deep, mesmerising and intoxicating, DKNY Red Delicious blends notes of Cognac, Saffron, Apple Liqueur and Rum for a lasting impression.

Hugo Man
A fresher interpretation of Rum with crisp Lavender, Green Apple, Mint and Pine Tree. A dose of mystery for a scent that is otherwise as clear as day. Undeniably masculine and clean.

Source: Escentual’s 12 Rum Scents

SJP Follows DKNY with NYC

Sarah Jessica ParkerHandbags at dawn – it looks like we may have an acronym catfight on our hands. There I was thinking that Donna Karan had New York’s fragrance scene wrapped up with her DKNY brand and along comes Carrie Bradshaw sorry, Sarah Jessica Parker, with her own New York inspired perfume called SJP NYC.

Word is that SJP NYC was a working title for the new fragrance whilst in the lab but it seems to have stuck. The lucrative tie-in with next year’s Sex and The City (SATC) movie sequel most probably had a lot to do with that. Coty Prestige, who were responsible for Sarah’s previous fragrances Lovely and Covet missed a trick in 2008 as they failed to capitalise on the release of SATC which raked in around half a billion dollars worldwide. They don’t intend to make that mistake again. Sarah’s latest will make an initial appearance in Macy’s stores in February but worldwide distribution is expected to start in May to coincide with the movie’s release.

SJP NYC will be released as an eau de toilette and this fruity floral will have top notes of mandarin, white osmanthus and strawberry, a heart of gardenia, honeysuckle, mimosa and red rose damascenia and a base of sandalwood, vanilla, rum and musk.

DKNY Sends Love From New York

DKNY has just announced that they are set to launch a new set of his and hers fragrances called Love From New York. There’s just one catch, you’re going to have to go on holiday to get your hands on what the brand is calling their first travel-retail exclusive.

So what does that mean? Basically Love From New York will only be available in airports and on airlines so the chances of you buying some on DM Fragrances are pretty remote. According to DKNY fragrances license owner, Aramis and Designer Fragrances (which is in turn part of Estée Lauder) the new range is aimed at male and female travellers aged between 20 and 38. Despite sales being limited to travel-retail, the fragrances are still expected to make as much as $20 million in the first year alone.

Love From New York is scheduled for release in July with the pink and blue fragrances appearing in selected in-flight magazines so keep an eye out for them as you embark on your summer hols.