Style trends you can carry into 2012

We round up some of the 2011 trends and tips that still matter in 2012, and take a peek at trend-defying dresses that will keep you looking good.

As we enter the weeks of 2012 with a bleary eye and a weary head, for many of us the last thing we want to think about is clothing.

The whirl of fashion and commerce never seem to stop, and at this time, as shops clamour for the most sales customers, it is easy to get carried away by discounts and end up buying useless items just for the sake of it.

But if you’re looking for some new clothes, especially the kind of dresses UK customers love and wear time and again, you can use a bit of know-how and navigate your way through the murky ocean of discarded sale items to find some great dresses that will look great now – and out-live the trends.

Two of the biggest trends this year are, quite thankfully, variations on some very, very classic themes which constantly recur in fashion. And as any real fashion icon will tell you, it’s not about following the crowds, but about finding more of your own style and following your own tastes and demands.


Colour blocking, brightly-coloured piping or huge white stripes amid swathes of black and blocked colour have been huge this year. is carrying new dresses UK wide for 2012 which add a sporty edge to this most classic of design principles, with contrast panel dresses enlivened by bright neon piping (pictured). Grey and bright yellow are a more relaxed choice; or the black and pink-piped Contrast dress is an excellent example of a day-to-night LBD that will suit work or a party.


Perhaps intimidated by the economic reality facing the capitalized west, fashion has also turned back to dreamy, hyper-typical feminine looks and patterns. Florals, pussy bow colours, soft tea-dresses, gentle waists have all been back with a vengeance this year – and they continue to endure. This is accompanied in the perfume industry, where sugary perfumes – such as Jimmy Choo’s debut – enjoy a revival. Thierry Muglier’s Angel, the original sweet perfume, is joined by Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb and Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle on the saccharine lust-list.


Esme Perfume Pendant Review

Esme perfume pendantAs you would expect at Perfume Fairy, we’re big fans of all things perfume which is why we were excited to hear from a company called Esme Jewellery who offered to send us one of their perfume pendants to try out.

If you’re anything like me then a single application of perfume is not enough, and I often like to to-up throughout the day. But that usually means carrying a heavy perfume bottle or mini perfume atomiser around with me in my handbag. Sometimes however, I just like to be hands-free but still like to have some perfume with me and that’s when an Esme perfume pendant is ideal. This egg-shaped pendant’s party trick is that it opens up to reveal a small roll-on perfume applicator inside.

So, what were my thoughts on trying out a pendant for myself? Well, I am not used to wearing necklaces in this style so was a bit unsure to start with but, once I found a blouse to match, I was good to go and loved it!  It really did feel like a little gift around my neck!

For me, everything about receiving a product in the post is important, from the packaging to the contents, and this little package really did deliver.  It arrived neatly and securely packed in a gorgeous little box.

First impressions were good in terms of overall quality.  It was smaller than I expected it to be, but smaller in a good way.  Anything bigger would feel obtrusive.  The necklace is silver, a good length, feels sturdy and looks trendy.  The jewelled egg pendant is just beautiful and the little Swarovski crystals are what make it really special.  I had the black one and just loved it.  I think you do have to choose the right blouse / top to complement it but when you do, it looks great.

Receiving a complement is always a treat and I’ve received a few while wearing my pendant – ladies commenting on how unique it was, how elegant, with a gorgeous little sparkle – and that was before they even realised what was inside.

Of course, the purpose of the necklace is a secret little place to hold some perfume.  It’s a good idea although the amount of perfume it holds is quite small (4 or 5 sprays from a bottle), so it’s definitely more useful for topping-up rather than initial application. If you’re going out straight from the office or need a quick top-up before an important dinner/meeting then it’s perfect.

Filling up the roll-on using the included funnel lid was easy enough although I did find that once filled, I had to give it a little shake to get it applying properly but other than that I had no problems.

So would I recommend the Esme perfume pendant? In a word, yes. It’s great for any perfume lover and thanks to it’s good looks, quality finish and perfect presentation, would make an ideal and novel gift.

What’s Your Favourite Christmas Scent?

Diesel Zero PlusEarlier this week I saw a question on Yahoo! Answers asking what’s the best cologne for Christmas – something that has a wintery scent. To me, Christmas and wintery means cinnamon and spices and the first fragrance that came to mind was Diesel Zero Plus for men.

Yes I know it’s cheap and nothing fancy but for me, nothing comes close to the spicy cinnamon zingyness of Zero Plus. It’s just a shame it’s becoming harder and harder to find anywhere but online. Interestingly, later the same day somebody posted another question wanting to know where she could find Zero Plus on the highstreet. Here’s what some smartypants posted in reply:

“Red diesel is what they put in tractors to make them go. Not sure I would use it, but then I don’t shave. I suppose it’s a bit like easy-to-apply petroleum jelly and has some lubrication properties. Smells a bit, but some people like the smell. Zero plus must mean it has no additives, other than what makes it red. They put the red dye in it, because it is subsidised and can be easily spotted by revenue officers if used in road vehicles. I imagine it gives a rosier complexion to the cheeks. So your best bet is to find a farmer somewhere, bring an empty bottle and ask if you can fill up.”

So which, if any, of your favourite fragrances remind you of Christmas?

Can You Name 5 Fragrances Containing Rum?

Bacardi RumAt this time of year it seems like we need little excuse to put rum into everything from Christmas cake to custard. So to keep in the ‘spirit’ of things (did you get that?) here’s a list of 5 fragrances that contain rum.

Lacoste Pour Homme
Elegant, fresh and a little bit dark, Lacote Pour Homme is a fragrance based around the mysterious scent of Dark Rum. A winning dash of fruitiness is added to the mix with Apple and Plum.

SJP NYC for Her
A stylish scent mixed like a cocktail. Addictive, fruity and colourful notes of Wild Strawberries, Bergamot Rose Damascena and Vanillary Rum celebrate the never-ending vivacity of the Big Apple.

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP for Her
A heady blend of unique notes to celebrate the talent of New York’s young creatives. Includes Rum, Passion Fruit, Gardenia and Vanilla to evoke their attitude, their originality and their style.

DKNY Red Delicious for Men
A tantalising and exotic mix of the fruitiest of aromas. Deep, mesmerising and intoxicating, DKNY Red Delicious blends notes of Cognac, Saffron, Apple Liqueur and Rum for a lasting impression.

Hugo Man
A fresher interpretation of Rum with crisp Lavender, Green Apple, Mint and Pine Tree. A dose of mystery for a scent that is otherwise as clear as day. Undeniably masculine and clean.

Source: Escentual’s 12 Rum Scents