Kate Moss To Release Vintage Perfume

Kate Moss’ fragrance partner Coty must be happy. Although her first fragrance Kate wasn’t a major hit, Velvet Hour did much better and now she’s set to follow that with a new fragrance called Vintage.

Said to be inspired by her love of vintage fashion and all things old “except old men!” (supposedly her words) Vintage will take advantage of the current trend for fruity florientals. At this stage we don’t know much more about the fragrance other than the fact that it scheduled for release this September. Keep an eye her new dedicated perfume website, www.katemossparfums.com, for more details as and when they are published.


Kate Moss Wins Celebrity Fragrance Award

Velvet HourCEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) has released the winners of this year’s CEW (UK) Beauty Awards and Kate Moss’ Velvet Hour won the Best New Women’s Celebrity Fragrance category.

This year Kate was up against Christian Aguilera’s Inspire and Beckhams Signature for Her and from my point of view, the best fragrance won. Kate’s first fragrance, Kate, was to be honest a little lacklustre, but I think she definitely got it right with Velvet Hour and it seems that CEW members agreed so well done Kate.

Other winners this year included Chloé Eau de Parfum in the Best New Women’s Fragrance category (although a finalist, my current favourite, Sensuous, didn’t make it) and Dolce & Gabbana’s The One as Best New Men’s Fragrance – another good choice.

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Source: CEW