Armani Announces New Idole d’Armani Fragrance

Keen to mirror the success of their male fragrances, Armani has announced the forthcoming release of Idole d’Armani, a new women’s fragrance. It’s been a while since the launch of Armani Code Pour Femme (2006) and in the interim we’ve had Emporio Diamonds and the Onde range which was aimed at a more selective clientele, none of which has really matched the success of Armani Code for Men. Giorgio is hoping this next perfume which change all that and become a classic.

Idole d’Armani, which is scheduled for a global launch towards the end of the year, is said to be Giorgio’s “tribute to femininity, a big thank you to all the women who have inspired him over the years.” A spicy floral with notes of clementine, pear and ginger combined with jasmine and rose on a base of patchouli and vetiver will be released as an eau de parfum.

As for the fragrance becoming a classic, in a recent interview Giorgio had a lot to say about the apparent fickleness of women when it comes to sticking with a particular fragrance. Well Giorgio, maybe if you hadn’t discontinued such favourites as the original Armani or even Armani Mania, those could have become classic Armani perfumes, but now we’ll never know.


L’Oreal Goes Green For Earth Day

L'OrealHoping to boost their green credentials, French beauty giant L’Oreal has announced its long term green initiatives which aim to cut the company’s greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2015.

And no, this wasn’t just a publicity stunt aimed to coincide with Earth Day on Tuesday. Since 2005 the company has been making strides in its attempts to cut emissions, reduce water use and increase recycling. Last year alone the company reduced emissions by 6.6%, a total of 11.5% since 2005 when emissions were 230.3 million tons.

So how does this affect you as a fragrance buyer? Well besides the L’Oreal brand, the company also owns CacharelDieselGiorgio ArmaniLancome and Ralph Lauren so if you buy any of those products not only can you smell great but you can also feel good knowing that you are doing a little bit more to help the environment.

Source: WWD