Does This Mean The Recession’s Over?

1 MillionI like Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million fragrance for men. It has a nice spicy zing which for me, gives it a lift and makes it a little less ordinary. But let’s face it, with its gold bar shaped bottle it was a little too bling-bling. But if that wasn’t enough for you you’ll be happy to know that Paco Rabanne is to release a limited edition version which will only set you back a mere £35 000.

1 Million 18 Carats is definitely only for the privileged few. The fragrance itself is the same but it comes in a refillable 100ml bottle covered in real gold (no not solid gold) with a small diamond imbedded for good measure. And don’t forget the custom made travel case with internal lighting and room for your refills.

In a way I’m not terribly surprised by this latest release. The fragrance was released last year with what seemed like a limitless budget. There was a dedicated website where you could upload a picture of yourself and then browse a customised version of the site showing you living the playboy lifestyle. If I remember correctly there was also a competition where the winner could become ‘the face’ of 1 Million and ‘live the dream’. This latest version just takes it to the next level. Of course it remains to be seen how many people would actually buy this but then I’m reminded of the infamous ‘I am rich’ iPhone app which did absolutely nothing for $1000 other than find a few people with more money than common sense.


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