Burberry Body – Grab Your Free Sample

Burberry BodyThere has certainly been no shortage of new perfume releases this year. But finding corresponding free sample promotions has been as difficult as finding the proverbial hen’s teeth. This means that if you want to sample something new you usually have to drag yourself off to your local perfume shop or Boots and beg the sales staff to part with their sample stash (usually reluctantly). Burberry however, is doing things a little differently with the release of their latest women’s fragrance, Burberry Body.

Instead of tucking away a ‘free sample’ link on their site as most brands do, Burberry are spreading the word and inviting everyone to join them on Facebook and register for a free sample here. There’s even a personal invite from Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey, encouraging visitors to sample the fragrance before its official launch on September the 1st.

Burberry Body will be launched as a 35ml, 60ml and 85ml eau de parfum as well as a longer lasting eau de parfum intense version in 60ml and 85ml sizes, and will features notes of freesia, green absinthe, peach, rose, iris, sandalwood, musk, amber and vanilla.

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New Year Perfume Releases

New releasesIt looks like perfume lovers are going to be spoilt for choice this year as we hear news of a veritable flood of new fragrances. To wet your appetite, here’s a selection of new releases you can expect to see over the next two months from Burberry, DKNY, Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder.

First up are two new additions to DKNY’s Be Delicious range. Be Delicious Juiced is a fruity floral with ripe apples (of course), pear blossom and golden mango nectar complemented by peony and violet florals with a woody, amber drydown. Perfect for spring is a ‘Juiced’ version of Be Delicious Fresh Blossom – light and fresh with a medley of florals (freesias, rose petals, lily of the valley and sweet pea) and a base of vetiver and musk.

Next , a limited edition release from Estee Lauder, Wild Elixir, a sophisticated floral with notes of marigold, freesia, violet leaf, gardenia, muguet, jasmine, waterlily, genet flower and orris with a drydown of soft woods and musk.

A flanker to Elizabeth Arden’s 2009 release, Pretty, will be Pretty Hot, a bold and seductive take on the original and inspired by the Belle de Nuit Flower. Other notes will include red currant, blood orange, mandarin, freesia, apple, peony, pimento blossom, Petalia, amber, patchouli, tonka, sandalwood and Cosmone, a synthetic musk.

Finally, a his and hers duo in the form of Burberry Sport Ice, flankers to last year’s release, Burberry Sport. Notes of ginger, citrus, woods and musk (plus magnolia and honeysuckle in the ladies version) are complemented by “ice crystals” which I imagine are less of a smell and more of a sensation.

I can’t wait to get testing in my local Boots.