Something Special For Fendi Fans

Fan di FendiWe’ve blogged in the past about ridiculously expensive special edition versions of fragrances – the £35,000 bottle of Paco Rabanne 1 Million and the $1 million bottle of DKNY Golden Delicious, so at just £1,485, Fendi’s latest special edition is an absolute steal – if money is no object that is.

We spotted this new release over on Escentual where the sales blurb states that you can “Prove your love for FENDI with the Fan di FENDI Eau de Parfum Giant Vanity Edition, a limited edition 1 litre-sized bottle that is thinking on the grandest of scales.”

“Designed by Silvia Fendi, this oversized perfume bottle is housed inside an ultra shiny black patent leather vanity case. The must-have case is superbly in line with that distinctive FENDI aesthetic; its leather has been selected for its superior quality, and it is sewn using only traditional craftsmanship. An indulgent collector’s piece to please every FENDI aficionado.”

At the time of writing we noticed that Escentual only had one in stock. Not expecting this to be a high volume seller then?


Clinique’s Aromatics Elixir Celebrates 40 Years

Clinique Aromatics ElixirReleased in 1971, Aromatics Elixir was Clinique’s first fragrance and over the years this floral chypre with its dominant notes of patchouli, oakmoss and white flowers has become a perennial favourite with over 19.7 million bottles sold in the last decade alone. To celebrate this classic fragrance’s 40th anniversary, Clinique has announced the release of a limited edition collection.

The anniversary collection will consist of a 100ml Aromatics Elixir, a 25ml Perfumer’s Reserve edition and a 1.4g solid perfume necklace. While the 100ml edition will retain it’s classic notes, the Perfume’s reserve edition will offer a more modern and smoother interpretation of the original and feature notes of rose, jasmine, myrrh and patchouli, blended with orange flower absolute and peach.

According to perfumer Laurent Le Guernec, “I wanted Aromatics Elixir Perfumer’s Reserve to attest to the genius of the original, while yielding a fresh perspective. I hope that in Aromatics Elixir Perfumer’s Reserve, the woman who is addicted to the original will find a new way of experiencing her beloved Aromatics Elixir, while women who thought the original too potent will find this modern homage alluring.”

Source: The Moodie Report

Anyone Up For A Million Dollar Bottle Of Perfume?

DKNY Golden DeliciousBack in 2009 we blogged about a limited edition release of Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million for men which cost a mere £35 000. Well if you thought that was a bit over the top, how about the latest limited edition collectors bottle of Golden Delicious from DKNY. This will set you back a cool $1 million.

Fans of DKNY will be familiar with the brand’s apple inspired Be Delicious fragrances, Golden Delicious being the latest addition to the series, but what sets this particular limited edition apart is its 14-karat gold flacon adorned with 2900 precious stones from around the world.

And just in case you have a spare one million lying around and can’t wait to rush out and buy yourself a bottle, I’m afraid you’ll have to be patient. This is a one of a kind creation that will be exhibited around the world before a sucker (sorry, buyer) agrees to part with the necessary cash. It’s not all decadence and self-indulgence though – the asking price will be donated to Action Against Hunger so at least one man or woman’s folly will hopefully be Africa’s gain.

Soon We Can All Own A Mercedes… Fragrance That Is

MercedesFerrari have done it and Jaguar have done it, so it was only a matter of time before Mercedes got in on the act. That’s right, Mercedes-Benz has announced a partnership with relatively unknown French perfume manufacturer INCC Group to produce a fragrance line for this premium brand.

Now you can own the key chain, the cap and the t-shirt as you sit in your Vauxhall Astra convertible pretending it was an SLK, enjoying the fragrance of leather and burning piles of cash – or so I imagine. Envy is a terrible thing.

FiFi UK 2011 Fragrance Award Winners

It’s Fragrance Foundation Awards time again and this year’s celebrity-studded event was held at London’s Banqueting House. Here’s a selection of award winners – see if any of your favourites made the grade.

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique X
Best new female print advertisement

Armani Acqua di Gioia
Best new female fragrance commercial

Chanel Bleu de Chanel
Best new male fragrance commercial
The Perfume Shop People’s Choice Award
Best new prestige fragrance for men

Calvin Klein Beauty
Best new female fragrance packaging

Hugo Boss Bottled Night
Men’s Health readers award

Gucci Guilty
Best new prestige fragrance for women
The Perfume Shop People’s Choice Award

For the full list of award winners visit The Fragrance Foundation FiFi Awards.

Belle d’Opium and the Power of 13

Belle d'OpiumPerfume adverts are back in the news again following the UK ASA’s (Advertising Standards Authority) banning of Yves Saint Laurent’s latest advert for Belle d’Opium. This follows after the November banning of Beyonce’s Heat perfume advert which was deemed too racy for pre-watershed viewing. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for regulating advertising and ensuring that adverts adhere to certain standards (i.e. factually correct and not intentionally misleading) but I object to the fact that, in the case of Belle d’Opium, just 13 people can dictate what I can or cannot watch on TV.

According to the official complaint, the ad was seen as “irresponsible and offensive, because the woman’s actions simulated drug use.” Ok, I’m not sure what state of mind these people were in, and I suspect just the mention of the word ‘opium’ was enough to send them into a complete froth, but there was no way in my mind that the ad in anyway simulated drug use. In fact I completely missed the part in which the ‘strumpet’ in question dared to run her finger along the inside of her forearm – and everyone knows that means yes, I’m just about to stick a big needle in here. Yes, the advert mentioned the word addiction and there was some rather strange dancing/writhing around but the complainants may want to lookup the word ‘context’ in the dictionary. I personally blank out most TV advertising unless it makes me laugh or think or is in some way different, and if I was to complain about anything it would be Go Compare and We Buy Any Car but honestly, I have more productive things to do with my time than write letters of complaint.

Now, thanks to these 13 individuals I’ve had another look at the advert on YouTube as I’m sure have thousands of others (Yves Saint Laurent marketing execs must be jumping with joy) and I still think it’s ridiculous. Of course these people have a right to their opinions and even a right to complain but come on ASA, 13 out of how many million viewers and now I must be dictated to? Wouldn’t it have been easier to just send each one of them a letter telling them that next time the advert comes on they should go and make a cup of tea.

Disclaimer: By clicking on the YouTube link above and watching the the offending advert, you absolve Perfume Fairy of any consequences. If you suddenly feel the need to writhe around on the floor wearing nothing but a sheet that’s your problem – just remember to close the curtains.

2011 Summer Scents

Summer 2011 FragrancesIt’s not just wishful thinking, the days really are getting longer so we can finally start thinking of Summer. To celebrate, here is a roundup of a few new perfume releases you can expect this Summer from Cacharel, Calvin Klein, Davidoff and DKNY.

Cacharel Amor Amor Summer
A new flanker to this ever popular fragrance, the latest fresh and fruity incarnation will include notes of blood orange, pomegranate, osmathus and amber. Available as a limited edition 50ml eau de toilette.

Calvin Klein CK One and Eternity Summer
Another bright and bold edition of CK One Summer (last year, CK One Summer 2010 was bright yellow and orange) is expected this March. As always, clean and refreshing citrus top notes combine with an ocean accord together with incense, cedar, musk and peach to capture the energetic vibe of after-sun dance parties. Available as a 100ml eau de toilette. Another regular from Calvin Klein each year is the release of his and hers Eternity Summer editions. Eternity Summer 2011 for women is meant to evoke memories of light, warm summer days in meadows of wild flowers with lily of the valley, violet, coriander, gardenia, jasmine and lotus combined with musk, mimosa and fig tree. The men’s version opens with fresh citrus notes, mint, coriander, water melon and ocean air together with star anise, galbanum, lily of the valey, cedar, patchouli and amber. Eternity Summer 2011 for women and men will be available as a 100ml eau de parfum and 100ml eau de toilette.

Davidoff Cool Water Summer Dive
Expect new flankers for both men and women this summer inspired, as the name suggests, by diving into the deep blue ocean. Cool Water Summer Dive Man opens with citrus notes combined with basil, sage, juniper berries and a fresh marine note. Available as a 125ml eau de toilette. Cool Water Summer Dive Woman opens with zesty fruits, pineapple and melon, combined with aquatic violet, lotus, iris and soft wood. Available as a 100ml eau de toilette.

DKNY Women Summer 2011
Pink, feminine and playful, this 100ml limited edition eau de toilette opens with pink grapefruit, passion fruit and red berries combined with jasmine, magnolia, litchi, musk , sandalwood and teak wood.

Tommy Girl Summer
Inspired by freshly picked flowers on a warm summer’s morn, this 100ml limited edition eau de toilette is calm and sophisticated combining fresh aquatic notes with magnolia.

Via: Fragrantica,