Yves Saint Laurent Releases Parisienne L’Essentiel

Parisienne L'EssentielIt’s flanker time again as Yves Saint Laurent releases this year’s version of Parisienne in the form of Parisienne L’Essential. Released in 2009, the original Parisienne, with its strong rose and berry notes was a daytime favourite. The heavier Parisienne A L’Extreme from 2010 was a more sensual affair and this year’s release promises to be “the very essence of feminine sophistication”.

L’Essentiel “combines seductiveness, elegance, fascination and sensuality. Like the bottle with its black top and shades of violet, sparkling like vintage jewellery and as intricate as the streets of Paris.” Notes include pink pepper, iris, Damascena Rose, Sambac Jasmine and White Leather accord.

Parisienne L’Essentiel will be available as a 30ml and 50ml Essence de Parfum.


Some Youthful Fragrance Releases

L'Homme Libre and Forbidden EuphoriaBack in April we mentioned the forthcoming launch of Diesel Fuel for Life Denim Collection, a new take on the original, aimed at a more youthful market. Well it seems young is still the hot ticket for fragrance designers as we hear news of two new youthfully inspired fragrances from Yves Saint Laurent and Calvin Klein.

First up it’s Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Libre, the third installment in the range which started in 2006 with L’Homme and was followed in 2009 by La Nuit De L’Homme. This latest version was created to be “fresh and youthful, but masculine at the same time” and will contain notes of bergamot, pink pepper and patchouli.

Next up is new take take on an old classic, the ever popular Calvin Klein Euphoria for women. We’ve already had a few variations of this fragrance over the years, Euphoria Blossom and Euphoria Spring Temptation but this latest release, Forbidden Euphoria, is supposedly, sexier and easier to wear than the original, and is aimed at women aged 17 to 20 (or those of an older persuasion who would like to feel young again).

This fruity oriental scent will contain notes of mandarin, peach blossom, raspberry, pink peony, tiger orchid, jasmine, cashmere woods, patchouli and musk and will be available as a 30ml, 50ml and 100ml eau de parfum from September.

Belle d’Opium and the Power of 13

Belle d'OpiumPerfume adverts are back in the news again following the UK ASA’s (Advertising Standards Authority) banning of Yves Saint Laurent’s latest advert for Belle d’Opium. This follows after the November banning of Beyonce’s Heat perfume advert which was deemed too racy for pre-watershed viewing. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for regulating advertising and ensuring that adverts adhere to certain standards (i.e. factually correct and not intentionally misleading) but I object to the fact that, in the case of Belle d’Opium, just 13 people can dictate what I can or cannot watch on TV.

According to the official complaint, the ad was seen as “irresponsible and offensive, because the woman’s actions simulated drug use.” Ok, I’m not sure what state of mind these people were in, and I suspect just the mention of the word ‘opium’ was enough to send them into a complete froth, but there was no way in my mind that the ad in anyway simulated drug use. In fact I completely missed the part in which the ‘strumpet’ in question dared to run her finger along the inside of her forearm – and everyone knows that means yes, I’m just about to stick a big needle in here. Yes, the advert mentioned the word addiction and there was some rather strange dancing/writhing around but the complainants may want to lookup the word ‘context’ in the dictionary. I personally blank out most TV advertising unless it makes me laugh or think or is in some way different, and if I was to complain about anything it would be Go Compare and We Buy Any Car but honestly, I have more productive things to do with my time than write letters of complaint.

Now, thanks to these 13 individuals I’ve had another look at the advert on YouTube as I’m sure have thousands of others (Yves Saint Laurent marketing execs must be jumping with joy) and I still think it’s ridiculous. Of course these people have a right to their opinions and even a right to complain but come on ASA, 13 out of how many million viewers and now I must be dictated to? Wouldn’t it have been easier to just send each one of them a letter telling them that next time the advert comes on they should go and make a cup of tea.

Disclaimer: By clicking on the YouTube link above and watching the the offending advert, you absolve Perfume Fairy of any consequences. If you suddenly feel the need to writhe around on the floor wearing nothing but a sheet that’s your problem – just remember to close the curtains.