Beyonce’s Heat Proves Too Much For Daytime TV

Beyonce HeatIt’s that time of year again when it seems every second advert on TV is for perfume. Vying for attention since it’s release earlier this year is Beyonce’s first fragrance, Heat, with a fairly racy ad that’s got a few people feeling a bit too hot (well at least the 14 who were bothered enough to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority).

According to the fragrance’s manufacturer Coty, at no point was Beyonce naked (it certainly looked that way… and suggestion is a powerful thing) and the ad was “in keeping with other ads in the genre”. They did however concede that it was sexually suggestive and while “unlikely to be harmful to adults or older children” wasn’t suitable for young children – a bit of a problem when it pops up between daytime family programming. It looks like whoever was responsible for scheduling is going to feel a little ‘heat’ of their own 😉