New Releases from Diesel: Loverdose and Captain America

Diesel FragrancesDiesel has certainly been busy of late. They’ve only just launched their most recent Fuel for Life Denim Collection scents and now we hear news of Loverdose, a new fragrance for women as well as something new (but not new) for men in the form of a limited edition release of Only the Brave.

First up is Loverdose, something of an odd-ball but then you may have guessed that from the name… Love… Overdose. According to Diesel this new fragrance is intended to “ignite passions like never before” thanks to special molecules that are supposed to stimulate the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for all those sexy thoughts. If that doesn’t work then you can use this “beautiful but deadly weapon of seduction” to beat your lover into submission. Loverdose combines notes of mandarin and star anise with jasmine, gardenia and licorice with a base of amber, vanilla and woody notes and will be available as a 35ml, 50ml and 75ml eau de parfum.

Next is a limited edition of Only the Brave for Men, this time to celebrate the release of the movie, Captain America: The First Avenger. Like the original Only the Brave and the red Iron Man Limited Edition, the juice itself is exactly the same so don’t expect anything new there – this is more of a collector’s item, available as a 75ml eau dea toilette later this year.


Diesel Returns To It’s Denim Roots

Diesel Denim CollectionDiesel has always been known for its jeans and now the brand is returning to its roots in the form of Diesel Fuel for Life Denim Collection, a pair of his and hers fragrances set to hit stores next month. As you would expect, the bottles are now wrapped in stonewashed denim while the juice inside is said to be a fresher, more energetic take on the original Diesel Fuel for Life released back in 2007.

The aim this time around is to attract a younger market, 18 to 30, with scents that are “more playful, tongue-in-cheek and quirkier” than before. The women’s version will be a woody floral with notes of raspberry and jasmine petals whilst the men’s version will feature citruses,  lavender, raspberry and woody notes.

Diesel Fuel for Life Denim Femme and Homme will be available as an eau de toilette in 50ml and 75ml sizes.

What’s Your Favourite Christmas Scent?

Diesel Zero PlusEarlier this week I saw a question on Yahoo! Answers asking what’s the best cologne for Christmas – something that has a wintery scent. To me, Christmas and wintery means cinnamon and spices and the first fragrance that came to mind was Diesel Zero Plus for men.

Yes I know it’s cheap and nothing fancy but for me, nothing comes close to the spicy cinnamon zingyness of Zero Plus. It’s just a shame it’s becoming harder and harder to find anywhere but online. Interestingly, later the same day somebody posted another question wanting to know where she could find Zero Plus on the highstreet. Here’s what some smartypants posted in reply:

“Red diesel is what they put in tractors to make them go. Not sure I would use it, but then I don’t shave. I suppose it’s a bit like easy-to-apply petroleum jelly and has some lubrication properties. Smells a bit, but some people like the smell. Zero plus must mean it has no additives, other than what makes it red. They put the red dye in it, because it is subsidised and can be easily spotted by revenue officers if used in road vehicles. I imagine it gives a rosier complexion to the cheeks. So your best bet is to find a farmer somewhere, bring an empty bottle and ask if you can fill up.”

So which, if any, of your favourite fragrances remind you of Christmas?

L’Oreal Goes Green For Earth Day

L'OrealHoping to boost their green credentials, French beauty giant L’Oreal has announced its long term green initiatives which aim to cut the company’s greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2015.

And no, this wasn’t just a publicity stunt aimed to coincide with Earth Day on Tuesday. Since 2005 the company has been making strides in its attempts to cut emissions, reduce water use and increase recycling. Last year alone the company reduced emissions by 6.6%, a total of 11.5% since 2005 when emissions were 230.3 million tons.

So how does this affect you as a fragrance buyer? Well besides the L’Oreal brand, the company also owns CacharelDieselGiorgio ArmaniLancome and Ralph Lauren so if you buy any of those products not only can you smell great but you can also feel good knowing that you are doing a little bit more to help the environment.

Source: WWD

Diesel To Release Only The Brave For Men

Diesel Only The BraveThere’s no denying that Diesel likes to be creative with their perfume bottles. Just look at the leather and lace clad flacons for Fuel for Life. It should come as no surprise then that for their latest fragrance Only The Brave, the bottle is somewhat unconventional. But the unusual fist-shaped bottle is more than just a gimmic, said to have been inspired by Diesel founder Renzo Rosso’s own hand.

Even the fragance’s name ‘Only The Brave‘ has close ties to the Diesel founder who’s holding company goes by the same name.

This first solo men’s fragrance (Diesel fragrances prior to this were always released as his and hers) is a woody oriental with a distinct leather opening developed by International Flavors & Fragrance. It will be released worldwide in May and the range will consist of 30ml, 50ml and 75ml eau de toilette sprays.

Diesel’s fragrance licensee, L’Oréal, is hoping to repeat the same success it had with Fuel for Life which made it on to the world top 10 fragrances list when it was released in 2007.