Paris Hilton To Release Siren Perfume

Paris HiltonThe marketing machine that is Paris Hilton is once again going into overdrive as we get closer to the launch of her sixth women’s fragrance called Siren which she started promoting last month at the US FiFi Awards where she won the Female Celebrity Fragrance of the Year award.

Despite the economic downturn and its effect on global perfume sales, Paris Hilton licensee Parlux remains confident in the selling power of celebrity, and who can blame them when the Paris Hilton fragrance franchise is said to be worth $200 million per year.

Her last fragrance, Fairy Dust, was fairy inspired and she seems to have kept with the cartoon theme for this latest fragrance which now takes its inspiration from mermaids. Siren, which is scheduled for release next month as an eau de parfum contains notes of mandarin, apricot and frangipani together with honeysuckle, coconut orchid and water lily on a woody vanilla and musk base. Expect to see pictures of Paris in her mermaid outfit in magazines from next month.

Image source: The Scented Salamander


A Good Year For Paris Hilton

Paris HiltonIt seems that Paris Hilton can do no wrong this year as we hear news of her next fragrance. At this stage we don’t know much about it other than the fact that it’s called Siren – after Heiress, a little predictable? Yes, we all like to have a go at Paris but that girl’s obviously got a head for business having managed to sign a new 5-year deal with Parlux Fragrances – not surprising when you consider that annual sales of her fragrances are said to be about $200 million.

And it’s not just Parlux who can’t seem to get enough of her. The Fragrance Foundation has confirmed that she’s been chosen as their celebrity of the year. Of course Paris has agreed to accept this brand new award which will be presented to her at this year’s Annual FiFi Awards on May 27th. You go girl!

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