Miss Dior Cherie Revisited

Miss Dior Cherie 2011Dior is about to upset some, and confuse others with the relaunch of the popular Miss Dior Cherie eau de parfum. If you like the original with its sweet caramel and popcorn notes then you better grab some before it disappears. If you found the original a bit too ‘girlie’ then you may want to give this more sophisticated version a try.

I can understand why Dior would want to release a new version of Cherie in order to capture a slightly different market but why oh why did they have to ‘relaunch’ this favourite? Couldn’t they have given it a new name and surely they knew that this would upset fans of the original. To make matters worse, the packaging changes between the two versions are fairly subtle which could only lead to confusion – am I buying the new version or the original, especially when buying online where product images are not always accurate. Oh well, it’s done now so I guess we’ll just have to live with it.

So, expect to see a lot of promotion for this latest version, fronted by the lovely Natalie Portman – she’s certainly big at the moment thanks to her performance in Black Swan. Miss Dior Cherie 2011 will contain notes of manadarin, jasmine and patchoulli and will be available as a 30ml, 50ml and 100ml eau de parfum.


A Trio of New Fragrances for Men

Men's FragrancesIt’s a busy time of the year for new fragrance releases and hot on the heels of Joop! Splash and Hugo Boss Orange for Men comes a trio of new men’s fragrances from Baldessarini, Dior and Thierry Mugler.

First up, Private Affairs, another fragrance that’s ‘not for boys’ from Baldessarini so expect something less unisex and a little more traditionally ‘manly’. Private Affairs follows Baldessarini Strictly Private as the second in the ‘Private’ range of fragrances and this time centers around leather – think leather seats in an expensive sports car. Private Affairs will be available as a 50ml and 90ml eau dea toilette and a 90ml aftershave lotion.

A*Men Pure Havane is the latest limited edition for men from Thierry Mugler which this year takes its inspiration from fine Cuban cigars. Previous limited edition incarnations, Pure Coffee and Pure Malt, certainly got perfume aficionados talking and no doubt Pure Havane will do the same with its notes of tobacco, honey, vanilla, patchouli, cocoa, amber, styrax and labdanum. A*Men Pure Havane will only be available as a 100ml eau de toilette.

It seems like not so long ago we had the release of Dior’s Fahrenheit Absolute for men but that was in fact back in 2009. Aqua Fahrenheit continues the fiery theme (remember the TV advert with the seemingly heat resistant model walking over freshly molten rocks) but this time explores the moment when fire and water mix. Notes include citrus, grapefruit, tangerine, violet, mint, vetiver, leather and woods and will be available as both a 75ml and 125ml eau de toilette.

Dior Announces J’Adore L’Or

J'Adore L'OrChristian Dior has announced the latest incarnation of the ever-popular J’Adore in the form of a luxury version called J’Adore L’Or. However, using the finest high quality ingredients means that this one’s not for the cash-strapped. A 40ml bottle is expected to set you back a whopping £95.

At the core of this new composition are Centifolia rose and Grandiflorum jasmine absolutes from Grasse providing a rich intenseness, combined with oriental notes of patchouli, amber and labdanum and a warm base of tonka bean absolute and Tahitian vanilla absolute.

Once again, Charlize Theron will be the ‘face’ of J’Adore L’Or which is scheduled for release at the end of October as a 40ml Essence de Parfum.

Source: cosmoty.de

Christian Dior Releases A New J’adore In Time For Spring

J'adoreComing next month from Christian Dior is a new version of the popular J’Adore fragrance, this time called J’adore L’eau Cologne Florale. Although still a floral like its predecessor (which incidentally is still going strong after ten years) this latest release is magnolia-focused giving it more of a fresh citrus zing, perfect for Spring.

As before, the new fragrance is being promoted by the gloriously well tanned Charlize Theron who it seems, based on the image on the right, still hasn’t managed to put her clothes on since the last J’adore ad campaign.

Christian Dior J’Adore L’Eau Cologne Florale will be available in 75 and 125 ml sizes.

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