Paula Abdul Wants To Give Us Sexy Thoughts

Paula AbdulYet another celebrity perfume to hit the market as Paula Abdul gets ready to launch her first fragrance, Sexy Thoughts. And in case you were wondering about the name, she describes Sexy Thoughts as “something that happens when people smell me.” Steady on girl!

Describing her new fragrance, Paula went on to say “There are times when I’m shy, there are times when I’m playful. There’s times when I’m very powerful. It totally captures the spirit of who I am.” I have to say, that doesn’t exactly make me want to rush out and buy it. I guess, as with most celebrity perfumes, the proof is in the smelling.

Surprisingly there’s been no official mention of a Simon Cowell fragrance although Paula did jokingly say that she was considering creating Ode to Simonella which would smell of cat pee, horse poop and fart. Say no more.