Style trends you can carry into 2012

We round up some of the 2011 trends and tips that still matter in 2012, and take a peek at trend-defying dresses that will keep you looking good.

As we enter the weeks of 2012 with a bleary eye and a weary head, for many of us the last thing we want to think about is clothing.

The whirl of fashion and commerce never seem to stop, and at this time, as shops clamour for the most sales customers, it is easy to get carried away by discounts and end up buying useless items just for the sake of it.

But if you’re looking for some new clothes, especially the kind of dresses UK customers love and wear time and again, you can use a bit of know-how and navigate your way through the murky ocean of discarded sale items to find some great dresses that will look great now – and out-live the trends.

Two of the biggest trends this year are, quite thankfully, variations on some very, very classic themes which constantly recur in fashion. And as any real fashion icon will tell you, it’s not about following the crowds, but about finding more of your own style and following your own tastes and demands.


Colour blocking, brightly-coloured piping or huge white stripes amid swathes of black and blocked colour have been huge this year. is carrying new dresses UK wide for 2012 which add a sporty edge to this most classic of design principles, with contrast panel dresses enlivened by bright neon piping (pictured). Grey and bright yellow are a more relaxed choice; or the black and pink-piped Contrast dress is an excellent example of a day-to-night LBD that will suit work or a party.


Perhaps intimidated by the economic reality facing the capitalized west, fashion has also turned back to dreamy, hyper-typical feminine looks and patterns. Florals, pussy bow colours, soft tea-dresses, gentle waists have all been back with a vengeance this year – and they continue to endure. This is accompanied in the perfume industry, where sugary perfumes – such as Jimmy Choo’s debut – enjoy a revival. Thierry Muglier’s Angel, the original sweet perfume, is joined by Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb and Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle on the saccharine lust-list.


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