Something Special For Fendi Fans

Fan di FendiWe’ve blogged in the past about ridiculously expensive special edition versions of fragrances – the £35,000 bottle of Paco Rabanne 1 Million and the $1 million bottle of DKNY Golden Delicious, so at just £1,485, Fendi’s latest special edition is an absolute steal – if money is no object that is.

We spotted this new release over on Escentual where the sales blurb states that you can “Prove your love for FENDI with the Fan di FENDI Eau de Parfum Giant Vanity Edition, a limited edition 1 litre-sized bottle that is thinking on the grandest of scales.”

“Designed by Silvia Fendi, this oversized perfume bottle is housed inside an ultra shiny black patent leather vanity case. The must-have case is superbly in line with that distinctive FENDI aesthetic; its leather has been selected for its superior quality, and it is sewn using only traditional craftsmanship. An indulgent collector’s piece to please every FENDI aficionado.”

At the time of writing we noticed that Escentual only had one in stock. Not expecting this to be a high volume seller then?


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